Investing Regret: What It Is and How To Avoid It

Investing in the stock market influences our emotions, and the way we feel, because of its constant volatility and unpredictability. While we are trying […]

Revenge Trading: What It Is, How It Works & How To Avoid It

Trading is hard because it requires a very calm and analytical approach and constant control over our emotions. When a trade does not go […]

How To Avoid Impulsive Investment Decisions

Investing should involve research, analytical analysis, and pondered decisions, but oftentimes investors find themselves making rash and impulsive investment decisions that lose them money. […]

What Is a Good Percentage of Insider Ownership?

Insider ownership is usually a very positive sign for investors because it means that insiders directly benefit if the company performs better. However, insider […]

How To Prevent Fees and Commissions From Eating Your Profits

Investing can help you generate returns, but if you are not careful with the fees and commissions, these can impact your profits. But how […]

Top 20 Companies With The Most Locations

As human civilization grows more modernized by the minute, the number of businesses that have developed and dominated the world has also spread across […]

Top 20 Companies With the Largest Number of Employees

Companies cannot grow and develop without a solid labor force keeping their operations up and running. Many companies determine their position and standing compared […]

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Who Decides Which Currency Each Country in the World Uses?

While it might be difficult to understand precisely how certain countries choose to use one currency or another, there are usually clear reasons why […]

Price-to-Earnings vs. Price-To-Book: Which One Should You Use?

Price-to-earnings and price-to-book are some of the most common financial ratios used to value a stock. While they are both financial ratios that can […]

Why Insider Buying Is a Good Sign and How To Analyze It

One of the most positive signs an investor or trader can see is when insiders are buying their own stock. For years, insider activity […]

Will House Prices Drop in 2023?

Globally, nations are experiencing economic crises that could define a generation. Not only is Australia dealing with a rampant inflationary crisis, but Europe and […]

How To Invest in Stocks: Advice for First-Timers

Whether new to investing or a seasoned veteran, you should know some key tips when buying stock. These tips can help you to avoid […]

How to Start an Investor Career as a Student

To most students, investing sounds like something people with adequate money do. Some even think you need a finance degree to start an investor […]

Retail Investor: What It Is, Meaning and Pros & Cons

What is a retail investor? A Retail investor is an individual investor that does not have a professional finance background and manages their own […]

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Five Important Facts about Ethereum
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Can I Sell an Option Before It Expires? Yes, Here Is How
Bass Pro Shops Stock: Can You Invest in It?
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