Profit income is generated through buying something for a price and selling it later for a higher price. This has been a very common way to generate income that goes back thousands of years. It is also a great option to expand your income sources. You can keep your job, and buy and sell some things on the side in the meantime. This allows you to generate an additional income source. Focus on items that you have experience with, perhaps even related to your main job, or your earned income. Most of us are experts when it comes to some topics, and we can use this to our advantage.

Buying and selling used items is a way of doing this, and it is a great simple way to add additional income.

Advantages of profit income

Profit income has several advantages, one of them and perhaps the most important is that it does not take that much time. If you check your used listing websites once a day, you can easily keep up with what is for sale. It also does not require you to spend much time. Thousands of years ago to generate this type of income you would need to go from door to door. Today with the internet everything is effortlessly easy.

Although it requires some capital to start, this is still an advantage. As the capital required is very small when compared with other businesses. 

This is also a highly scalable activity. As long as there is demand for the items you are selling, you can always buy more and increase your possibilities of selling even more.

Another advantage is the control you can have over this income type. If you wish to increase the income generated all you have to do is invest more time and money into it. When we compare with the earned income it is not the same as most jobs require you to work a minimum number of hours. 

Compared with most of the earned income, there is no fixed threshold to profit income. Meaning that as long as you put the time and effort into it, you will be able to incrementally increase your income generated.

  • Highly scalable
  • Fairly easy to start
  • The capital required is low
  • It does not take much time
  • You have more control 
  • There is no fixed amount, it all depends on how much you work
  • You can build a business through profit income

Disadvantages of profit income

There are also some disadvantages of profit income. Perhaps the biggest one is that the competition is fierce. There are many entrepreneurs trying to generate income through profit income. This means that you will have to compete to buy and sell items. You will also be competing with several well-established businesses, for instance, retailers.

Although you do not need that much capital to start, you still need some capital and this is a disadvantage.

Profit income can be highly scalable but to scale sustainably you require some capital. Just look at how retailers are able to scale. They require lots of capital, for stock and need to hold items sometimes for a long period of time. 

There is no fixed amount you receive through profit income as opposed to earned income. Therefore it is dependent on how much effort and hours you put into it.

  • Competition is fierce
  • You need capital to scale
  • It is dependent on how much time you invest into it
  • You need a high return on invested time to be successful

Image source: Clark