For years I was tired of the never-ending rat race. I wanted to start my own venture, my own business in which I could focus all my time and energy exclusively. When I started looking for business possibilities and researching a strange thought crossed my mind - “Is there another way for me to own a business, without actually starting it and being there every day?”. That was my eureka moment, as I stumbled upon the investment world.

Needless to say for the next two years, my life would completely change. Countless sleepless hours, working and studying the markets. Until I was able to navigate them and make decisions that seemed to make sense. During my research, I was impressed by the outperformance of many investors. I set out to study how they did it, and how I could replicate it.

Value investing seemed to be the key. I was enamored with the idea of buying $1 bills with $0.50 cents. Using all the knowledge I had, I would research companies, and try to value them using different metrics. Eventually, my interest in the markets became an obsession. I was probably the most boring person at dinner parties and gatherings with friends. It seemed to me that I was stuck and only had one thing in my mind. Friends, acquaintances, and family members did not blatantly tell me it was too much but I could see it in their faces.

That prompted me to start Value of Stocks, a platform I could use to share my ideas, analysis, and views. This way I could easily find like-minded people, that could disagree with me and make me evaluate my analysis and thinking process. Life's too short to spend countless hours, doing something you do not like. So that one day, you can finally do what makes you happy. What are you waiting for?


Value of Stocks helps investors make informed investment decisions. You can access various articles and news on markets, stocks, commodities, business and economics. Become a better investor with Value of Stocks.

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