Gaming devices or consoles these days focus on providing a home theater experience where they stay attached to your TV or computer. Yes, we’re talking about the mainstream PlayStation and Xbox systems which, although pump a lot of juice, are restricted to one place. 

We’d like to skip over these and go over the consoles that choose to stay handheld and can possibly travel with you as portable devices. Most of you probably remember the age of the Gameboy and PSP. Back then, many of the main gaming titles could be played in the palm of your hand and some companies are looking to bring back that same golden age but with all the upgraded tech. 

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Nintendo Switch

Starting with the OG, the one who dared to step into a market saturated with stationary powerhouses like the PS4 and Xbox One Series. Nintendo made a bold move in introducing a portable, modular console when big companies around the world were only focusing on adding more juice to their respective gaming stations. The Switch, as hinted at by its name, has two Joy-Con controllers that can detach and re-attach at the user’s will thanks to the station’s modular design. 

They can also be coupled to make one big, DualShock-Esque, Joy-Con controller with all the functionality required to comfortably play games. On top of that, users get an 8-inch HD screen that has all of Nintendo’s best tech imbued into it. Whether you start playing a game on the handheld Switch or have it linked to the TV, you can freely switch between both options by simply connecting and detaching as needed. 

Steam Deck

Valve’s first rumble with the handheld market has proven quite fruitful. Introducing the Steam Deck, a brilliant amalgamation of the Steam store experience and ease of portability. Even though the Deck is a non-Windows platform, it can run just about any game that has a port to Steam. Users can access the store and find a delicious selection of titles that are entirely capable of running on the large 7-inch beautiful display the Deck sports. 

Even large AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077 do not shy away from jumping on the bandwagon and run quite well on the station. Battery life is a bit lacking as it is shy of just four hours when put through a back-to-back gaming session. Additionally, not every game that can be downloaded may be played with zero issues but Steam is hard at work to eradicate any discrepancies, regularly. 

ASUS ROG Phone 5

Even though ASUS is more of an amazing laptop, router-producing company, they’ve decided to dive into the market for gaming consoles with none other than an actual, chunky phone. The ROG Phone 5 maintains the classic ROG emblem on the back while its front sports a stunning AMOLED display with a 144 Hz refresh rate so you can play your games with all the snappy feedback you’d want. 

ASUS hooks up their phone with the Google Play store, which, in turn, gives you access to a plethora of games both demanded, big in size, and draining of battery. But the ROG Phone 5 handles all of this smoothly and is perfectly capable of maxing out game settings. 

Logitech G Cloud

Logitech’s take on the burgeoning portable/handheld gaming genre is the Logitech G Cloud. The device uses Google’s Play store to link up games that can freely be downloaded and installed as long as they are free. Treat the G Cloud as an android mobile device but with a dedicated GPU to boost your gaming experience to the next level. The 7-inch touchscreen provides amazing visuals and the hardware is nimble as you play your next AAA title on it. 

The only downside to this console is the controls on the side. They’re too shallow and can be an annoyance when sweaty gaming. Though haptic feedback provides nice springy feedback, so you wouldn’t remember to complain about it later. Logitech still has a ways to go with their first-ever console device but we’re hopeful they’ll nail it eventually. Either with an updated, improved version or keep pushing updates to this one and make it even better. 


That’s a wrap on our top handheld gaming devices that will certainly rock your 2023 should you choose to get them. People can’t always expect to sit down in one place and play. Especially those who work remotely. So get yourself one of these and go out into the world with a powerful gaming device in the palm of your hand.