Cryptocurrency has emerged as a worldwide phenomenon due to recent technological advancements. It has become an increasingly popular asset, especially among young investors. However, it continues to be a subject of heated debate worldwide. While many billionaires are confident that crypto is the future, others are not so certain.

It’s an encrypted digital medium of exchange with its network spread over many computers. Today, there are approximately 1583 cryptocurrencies available which are more than fiat currencies in the world. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why you should invest in Crypto. 

1. Decentralization

The number one reason that sets cryptocurrency apart from traditional asset classes is its decentralized nature, which means its control doesn’t lie with centralized equities like organizations, individuals, or groups. This enables investors to deal directly with one other.

Cryptocurrencies are operated via networks of electronic devices distributed around the globe. The system is not governed by any authority. Instead, the data is stored by developers and miners on their hardware. 

They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system by keeping it up to date. Since no one can determine the cash flow, this prevents monopolies from forming in the market. It is also immune to inflation and deflation. With decentralization, you don’t have to trust the government or any other institution. The idea is that whoever contributes greater value to the system receives more economic stake in it. 

2. Inflation

Inflation depends on the money supply of a country. It occurs when there’s more cash in supply than the goods produced. As the supply increases, it dilutes the value of the country’s currency over time. The same is not the case with crypto. 

The government can’t manipulate it by printing more because it is decentralized. It can only be generated by a process known as mining. It involves sophisticated computers continuously running to solve computational mathematical problems. As a computer comes up with a solution, it receives a block of currency and the process begins all over again. 

With more currency put into supply, the harder it becomes to solve the problem. Managing your digital assets is more important than owning them. When it comes to doing digital asset management the right way, it’s important to consult with people that specialize in this area. Professionals advise investors to look for options that provide digital asset exposure via a secure, regulated, and familiar investment vehicle. Another benefit is that cryptocurrencies enable users to receive higher returns than traditional investments that depreciate over time. This, however, doesn’t mean that its value does not go down. While the crypto market is highly lucrative, it is also extremely volatile.

3. Total Control 

All cryptocurrencies are sent to a receiving address which is known as the public key. There is another key that is linked to this address, called the private key. This is a long pseudo-randomly generated sequence that acts as a password. Only if you have this will you be able to access your coins. Because of these encryptions, users have complete control over their money. 

They are free to trade, purchase, and sell anywhere they choose. They are also not bound by traditional rules and regulations. Crypto markets are also operational 24 hours a day and seven days a week, unlike stock markets that have specific trading hours. 

4. Cost Effective Transactions

A low transaction fee is one of the most significant advantages of using cryptocurrency. Traditional wire transfers such as SWIFT or Federal Reserve Wire Network usually charge a hefty price to customers. Even online payment services like PayPal charge an average of 5% or more. But with crypto, the fee is very low and, in some cases, almost negligent.

 It is inexpensive because it doesn’t require a third party to validate the transaction. The transfer process is also simpler and more accessible. All you have to do is to convert the money into any cryptocurrency, include a recipient address, pay a small transaction fee, and hit send.

5. Fast Transactions

In addition to being cost-effective, it’s also very fast. Transferring intermediates like banks usually takes 2-3 days to verify international payments, while the sending process takes even longer. This slow procedure takes a huge toll on people who are dependent on remittance inflow. With cryptocurrencies, both domestic and international transactions are lightning fast. Users can send and receive money from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

6. Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of cryptocurrency have been the subject of a raging discussion ever since its creation. The market works by employing a technology known as the blockchain. It is described as a network of different nodes linked together. It functions as an online public ledger that keeps a record of all transactions. What makes it so secure is that all the transactions have to be verified by not one but the entire system. The goal is to distribute the information but never allow it to be edited. 

You can add transactions and new coins but never delete any existing ones. Another benefit of using crypto is its anonymity. Many currencies use pseudonyms that are not connected to any user or account and hence can’t be tracked back to the profile.  

So, while absolute privacy is not really possible, transactions using cryptocurrencies are far more private than using fiat currency, which involves a third party.  

Here, we have discussed a few significant advantages of investing in cryptocurrency that may help you to buy a crypto asset and make money. No doubt, it has limitless possibilities and can make you very rich. But one cannot deny its drawbacks. It’s known to be popular among criminals for malicious activities. 

Also, mining can be extremely costly and requires a lot of energy. The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, consumes about 150 terawatt-houses of energy annually which is more than the entire country of Argentina. While no one is certain about what the future holds for crypto, one thing is for sure: it’s here to stay.