Why You Should Avoid Stock Tips 101: A 5 Step Guide

Stock tips are like a seductive temptress, luring you in to take a bite out of a forbidden fruit.  It doesn’t matter if they’re […]

Why You Shouldn’t Follow the Crowd

The reason you shouldn't follow the crowd is for the obvious reason that, having been there, the crowd will already have eaten all the […]

Investing Discipline: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Investing is not easy, not only does it require you to research, plan and strategize, but it also requires you to keep a constant […]

Investing Regret: What It Is and How To Avoid It

Investing in the stock market influences our emotions, and the way we feel, because of its constant volatility and unpredictability. While we are trying […]

Revenge Trading: What It Is, How It Works & How To Avoid It

Trading is hard because it requires a very calm and analytical approach and constant control over our emotions. When a trade does not go […]

How To Avoid Impulsive Investment Decisions

Investing should involve research, analytical analysis, and pondered decisions, but oftentimes investors find themselves making rash and impulsive investment decisions that lose them money. […]

What Is a Good Percentage of Insider Ownership?

Insider ownership is usually a very positive sign for investors because it means that insiders directly benefit if the company performs better. However, insider […]

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Encore Wire Should Be on Your Watchlist in 2023

Encore Wire (NasdaqGS: WIRE) is an electrical wire manufacturer, and its products are used in construction of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With the […]

How Much of Your Portfolio Should Be in One Stock?

If you start investing and building your first investment portfolio, you may not know how much of a single stock you should own, and […]

MSI: Declining Revenues and Earnings Should Stabilize in 2023

Micro-Star International (TW:2377), or MSI, is a prominent gaming hardware manufacturer with a global presence that has benefited from the pandemic and seen a […]

Who Decides Which Currency Each Country in the World Uses?

While it might be difficult to understand precisely how certain countries choose to use one currency or another, there are usually clear reasons why […]

Price-to-Earnings vs. Price-To-Book: Which One Should You Use?

Price-to-earnings and price-to-book are some of the most common financial ratios used to value a stock. While they are both financial ratios that can […]

Why Insider Buying Is a Good Sign and How To Analyze It

One of the most positive signs an investor or trader can see is when insiders are buying their own stock. For years, insider activity […]

Will House Prices Drop in 2023?

Globally, nations are experiencing economic crises that could define a generation. Not only is Australia dealing with a rampant inflationary crisis, but Europe and […]

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