Are you tired of the traditional investing pursuits like swing trading, buying blue-chip shares for long-term appreciation, and following the big index funds? If so, you're probably ready for a bit of fresh air in the form of alternative strategies. What's that mean? It's about exploring non-traditional avenues in the field of investing and trading. 

The computer age has spawned numerous jobs that never existed before, like trading domain names for profit. And even though day trading of stocks has been around for a couple of decades, new developments in technology have transformed the field for the better. Do your due diligence before you get started as there are some avoidable mistakes most beginners make, however. 

Other attractive alternative ways to earn as an investor include buying and selling fine wines and accumulating gold and silver bullion. There's no need to quit your day job or sell your current stock portfolio to check out one or more of the popular alternative investing approaches. Here are a few points to get your imagination revved up.

Domain Name Trading

The fast-paced world of domain name buying and selling has become akin to a second stock market. While many people get into the niche as casual or part-time traders, others make it a full-time job. That's because the going price of a given domain name can change rapidly based on social trends and current events. There are plenty of expert tips and one of the most common strategies is buying hundreds of names and waiting for the value of one or two to go through the roof. Domain name brokering is a game of numbers and probabilities, but once you earn your first profits, it gets interesting very quickly.

Day Trading

Day trading, as a part-time and full-time occupation, began to take off about 20 years ago. However, new AI programs, more streamlined apps, and advanced analysis systems have opened the field up to everyday working people. Whether you have a few hours per week or more to devote to the pursuit, it's helpful to start each trading session by reading a watch list of penny stocks poised to move. Likewise, you can set your platform up to receive real-time alerts for a list of designated shares. Knowing which penny stocks to watch is half the battle for day traders. That's why it's essential to use a watch list and pay attention to relevant alerts as the hours pass.

Bullion Stacking

The name says it all. Stacking aficionados do one thing in that they aim to accumulate as much silver and gold bullion as possible. But staking is not exclusively a long-term play. The most ardent accumulators will sell a portion of their holdings if prices spike high enough. And, when good economic times depress precious metal prices, stacking pros buy at bargain prices. It's a simple pursuit, but one that makes an excellent side job or part-time business.

Wine Speculation

Fine wine has entered a golden age as more investors of all income levels buy, sell, trade, and store investment-grade vino for fun and profit, but primarily for profit. Wine is traded on several platforms where buyers can take physical possession or pay a fee for third parties to store it for them. It helps to have a solid understanding of which wines make worthwhile investments.