Gold is well recognized and valued as a precious metal and a medium of exchange worldwide. Its historical reputation as a hedge against inflation persists into the modern era. It’s also vital in manufacturing electronics, dental tools, and fine jewelry. Physically, you might own them in the form of bullion bars or coins. 

That said, this article will help you determine which is the best hedge investment against inflation.

What Is Gold Bullion? 

Gold bullions are physical gold assets that are refined and stamped with weight. They are at least 99.5% pure and transformed into bars and ingot forms. It’s available for purchase in banks and offline and online dealerships, such as Gainesville Coins. Typically, investors of gold bullion would keep it safe through third-party custodians or store them in a vault at home. 

There are different types of gold bullion bars. If categorized by manufacturing, there are minted and cast gold bars. Minted gold bars are created in a uniform state with the same weight, size, and shape. Cast gold bars are measured in troy ounces and are sold in 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 grams.  

Gold bullion can be broken down into subcategories, including weight (conventional gold bars and Combi Bars) and refinery levels (for example,.9999, the permissible precious metals IRA in the United States).  

Benefits Of Owning Physical Gold  

Owning gold bullion in bars also has advantages. If you’re looking to invest in gold, here are good reasons to consider it. 

  • Protection From Inflation Risks 

Money loses its value due to inflation; therefore, it's not wise to keep most of your investments in cash. Investing in gold can help you avoid the effects of inflation as its value is less volatile than other assets.  

The World Gold Council finds that gold can outshine conventional assets once the inflation rates rise. Investors also tend to seek out gold once the value of the dollar dips. Moreover, gold prices are also unpredictable as they don’t follow trends. Historically, it has always been considered a hedge during economic turmoil.  

  • Easy To Buy And Liquidate 

Gold bullion bars are available for purchase from various online stores. However, local dealerships can be found in most major cities if you'd rather sell them yourself. These shops will also buy your bullion bars for cash. But before you do that, make sure you know what your gold is worth by researching reputable websites to avoid being scammed.  

Gold Coins 

Buying bullion coins is another way of investing in gold. But before you do, understand that there are four different types of gold coins: bullion, proof, numismatic, and semi-numismatic coins. Here’s some more information regarding these types of gold coins:

  • Bullion coins are stamped with their weight and purity. They are also smaller than bars and are more affordable than ingots.  
  • Proof coins have a higher quality than bullion coins, with a reflective appearance. They are also produced in lower quantities. The term ‘proof’ refers to their finish which is treated, hand-polished, and cleaned. They are sealed, and a certificate of authenticity is included. One example of a proof coin is the American Eagle coin which also comes in silver and platinum.  
  • Numismatic coins are older and valued by collectors who seek them because of their gold content and artistic value. Some services appraise and grade them according to their value. Some examples include Indian and Liberty gold coins from the United States.  
  • Semi-numismatic coins have the combined qualities of bullion and numismatic coins. They are the latest addition to gold coins and are produced in low numbers. The Royal Canadian Mint produces these coins, including the animal series ones.  

To diversify your investment portfolio, you can choose to buy these different types of coins.  

Benefits Of Investing In Gold Coins 

  • Smaller And Easier To Conceal 

Gold coins are smaller, with the Gold American Buffalo coin only weighing one troy ounce with a purity of .9999. It costs over USD$1,900, and you can purchase it online. Its size makes it easier to hide and store.  

  • Low-Risk Option 

Gold coins are a safe investment since their value rarely fluctuates compared to other commodities. They’re a stable investment option with an intrinsic worth that goes beyond their current market price. They function similarly to bullion bars as they can be converted into cash when necessary. Although when you sell it, you'll be subjected to tax.  

You can gain from owning gold bullion bars or coins as an investor. But before deciding to buy them, you should get a firm grasp on what makes them unique and how much they're worth.  


Physical bullion bars and coins simplify the process of buying and selling gold. Each offers its own set of benefits to different types of investors. However, it’s also important to be realistic when investing in physical gold because they still are susceptible to market volatility. It would be best to do your due diligence to determine which is better for your risk appetite. While some collectors are primarily interested in the monetary value of gold, others may also be driven by sentiment. In any case, learn more to make an informed decision about which gold form to choose.