While studying at the university, you will surely encounter situations requiring more money. Unfortunately, financial issues are far from uncommon, given how much families have to pay for university. But everything can change if you start your own business. Fortunately, students do not need millions of dollars to implement commercial ideas. Even a simple plan and a couple of thousand dollars can be enough. So here are small business ideas to start at university.


As a student, you may have good knowledge in a certain area. So why don't you share your knowledge for money? Many young people need tutors. Place an ad online, and someone will probably write to you. Moreover, you can even find a company providing tutoring services. But don't forget that you must also study and write your papers. What if the online session is already paid for, but you need to craft some assignments? Check out writingpapersucks for all the latest writing services. As a beginner, you will immediately understand which companies should not be trusted.


Are you ready to babysit? Surely the role of a nanny is not included in your plans, especially if you plan to become a physicist or mathematician. But nothing prevents you from spending a couple of months working as a nanny to get pocket money. In addition, many vacancies are quite attractive in the context of money. As a result, you can solve some of your financial problems or save money to start a new business idea.

Pet Sitting

Here is another similar option for those ready to put up only with animals. Many people need pet sitting to go on a trip without worrying about animals. You only need to feed your pets on time, inspect their health, and walk outside. Again, you will unlikely be paid much, but you can save money for something important. In any case, such an idea is better than nothing. By the way, you can charge extra for bathing your dog. But, again, it is unlikely that such a job will do the same as a walk in the park.


But the startup category is wide enough, and you can fill any niche. Many people need help with their gardens, house, or garage. Your services may include cleaning the premises, taking out the garbage, or even chemical cleaning the apartment. Whatever specialization you choose, people will always need your services. The fact is that not everyone is ready to clean large houses or apartments. What if someone spilled tomato ketchup on a white sofa? Then you can make money on cleaning services.

Personal Shopping

Now let's talk about a business idea that requires nothing but your time. Many people are too busy to shop in supermarkets. They are not ready to walk for hours near racks and showcases in search of any ingredient. That is why you should offer shopping services to those who need them. A simple Instagram account and SMM mailing will be enough to get the first orders. You will be surprised how many people hate shopping so you can make money from it.


Do you want to sell products online but don't have a warehouse? You may not even have the money to buy a tenth of the products you need for a startup. But everything can change if you decide to pay attention to dropshipping. This scheme involves the search for a wholesale supplier of goods or services. Your role is to create a website or social media pages. Find people ready to buy a certain category of goods and redirect them to your supplier. Technically, you take the order, but all other logistics operations are the responsibility of your supplier and another team.

Run Translation Service

What if you speak a foreign language? In this case, you can monetize your knowledge. How about becoming an online translator? As a language expert, you can attend meetings, negotiations, or meetings of delegations. You can also translate texts and articles that your customers will send you. Translational services are often expensive, so you can make good money.

Stock Photographer

Perhaps you have an SLR camera and want to monetize your hobby. Start taking pictures and upload them to stock content services. Also, you can shoot videos and do the same procedure. Typically people buy this kind of content to build websites, and you should consider this factor. In any case, such a business idea is ideal for college, and you do not need to compromise between initial investment and margin.

Final Words

As you can see, quite a few successful business ideas can work for you. You can start your career and do what you like the most. It will be difficult for you in the early stages, but be patient. As a rule, the first 3-4 months are the most difficult. After the first wave of stress has passed, you can start implementing your business ideas. Now you will be one step closer to high earnings.