If you have been investing for a while you know that it can be difficult to find new and interesting stocks to research. However, there are several ways that will help you how to find new stocks to research and invest in. 

In this article, we will discuss four methods that are popular among investors. 

How to find new stocks

Here are some of our favorite methods to find new stocks:

  • New IPOs and News
  • Stock Screener
  • Read Research Reports
  • Social Media
  • Research ETFs

The first way is to look at new IPOs. Many times, these stocks will be overpriced when they first hit the market, but there can be some gems among them. 

The second way is to use a stock screener. This is a great way to find undervalued stocks that may not be as well-known. 

The third way is to read research reports from investment banks and other financial institutions.

You can follow investors on social media who have a good track record of picking winning stocks.

Finally, you can also use ETFs and research the stocks they are investing in.

Let's go over each option in more detail and explore some more additional tips. 

New IPOs and News

An IPO is when a company goes public and starts trading on the stock market. When a company first goes public, there is typically a lot of hype surrounding it. This means that it can often be featured in publications such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and even stock market tv channels like CNBC. 

Your brokerage firm may also allow for notifications when new IPOs become available. By subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media, you can stay up-to-date on new offerings. 

The key to finding successful IPOs is to do your research. You want to look for companies that have a solid business model and are led by experienced management teams. It's also important to pay attention to the valuation of the company. You don't want to overpay for a stock, no matter how good it looks. 

Another way to find more stocks is to look for companies that are in the news. This can be a good way to get an idea of what is going on with a particular company. You can also use this method to find stocks that are about to release earnings or have some other type of news coming out. 

Stock Screener 

A stock screener is a tool that allows you to filter stocks based on certain criteria. For example, you can screen for stocks with a market capitalization of over $100 million and a price-to-earnings ratio of under 20. You can also filter by listing date to find the newest stocks. 

There are many different stock screeners available online. Some of the more popular ones are Finviz, Yahoo Finance, and Google Finance. To use a stock screener, simply enter your desired criteria and the screener will return a list of stocks that match. From there, you can further research the companies to see if they are worth investing in. 

Read research reports 

Research reports are one of the best ways to find new stocks. Investment banks and other financial institutions often release research reports on stocks. These reports can be a great way to get an in-depth look at a company. Typically, these reports are only available to subscribers. 

However, you may be able to find them for free on the website of the investment bank or financial institution. If you can't find the reports you're looking for, you can always contact the investment bank or financial institution directly and ask for them.

These reports can help you find new companies because they provide detailed analysis and recommendations. 

Follow investors on social media 

Many experienced investors share their stock picks on social media. By following them, you can get an idea of which stocks they like and why. One of the best social media platforms for stock and investing discussions is Twitter.

These investors will often create content on the newest companies. This is because covering trends and reporting on new companies helps them grow in the fast-paced environment of social media. 

You can even turn on post notifications for an immediate alert. In addition to social media, there are also investor forums where people share their stock picks and analysis. Two popular forums are StockTwits and Reddit's WallStreetBets. 

Research ETFs

Another way to find more stocks is to reverse engineer ETFs. By going to an ETF's website, you can see a list of all the stocks that it holds. This is a great way to find stocks that are doing well and have a good chance of continuing to perform well. 

How do I find more stocks? 

You can also look for stocks that are similar to the ones you already own. This is a good way to find companies in the same industry or with similar business models. Yahoo Finance has a section where they list companies that are similar to the one you are looking at. 

You can also search for stocks through your brokerage account. Many platforms will allow you to filter based on industry. Finally, you can discover more stocks by reading articles on this website. This is because we consistently post about the newest companies. 

By reading these articles, you can get an idea of which stocks are worth considering. These are just a few ways that you can find new stocks. By using these methods, you can discover many different companies that might be worth investing in. Just remember to do your own research before investing in any stock. 


Finding the newest stock can be exciting. Being ahead of the crowd and investing in a successful company before everyone else can be very rewarding. These are just a few tips to get you started on your journey, so you can know how to find new stocks. 

Remember to always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. And just because it is new stock, does not mean that it is a good stock. Sound investing principles still apply.