When it comes to the stock market, there's a lot of confusion about what is and isn't open. Many people wonder if they can sell or buy stocks on the weekend, and whether or not stock prices change. 

In this article, we'll clear up all of that confusion and answer all of your questions about trading stocks on the weekends! 

Can you sell stocks on the weekend? 

No, you cannot sell stocks on the weekends. The stock markets are only open from Monday-Friday, so you will not be able to place any trades over the weekend. However, you can still research stocks and plan your trades for the upcoming week. 

You can also place a sell order but the trade won't execute until the markets open on Monday. This can help you lock in a price if you think the stock might drop over the weekend. If you are someone that likes to trade frequently, you may want to consider switching to an online broker that has extended hours of trading. 

This will allow you to place trades during the weekends as well. This can help you catch the news and make last-minute decisions before the markets close on Fridays. 

Can you buy and sell shares on the weekend? 

No, you cannot buy or sell shares on the weekends. The stock markets are closed on the weekends, so all trading must stop. This includes buying and selling stocks. You can however place buy and sell orders. 

Although the orders will not execute until the markets open on Monday. This can be helpful if you do not want to miss a trading opportunity. If you are busy on Monday morning, a buy or sell order can also be placed over the weekend so you don't have to worry about being available as soon as the market opens. 

Should you sell your stocks before the weekend? 

It depends. If you're concerned about a stock dropping over the weekend, then you can place a sell order on Friday afternoon. This way, your order will execute first thing on Monday morning. However, if you're comfortable holding onto your stocks over the weekend, then there's no need to sell them before the weekend. 

Do stock prices change over the weekend? 

Stock prices can change over the weekend, but not in the same way that they do during the week. Over the weekends, stock prices are influenced by news and events that happen around the world. For example, if there is a major political event or natural disaster, you might see stock valuations start to drop on the news. 

However, the actual price does not change until the markets open on Monday morning. So, if you see a stock price drop on the news, it doesn't mean that you've lost money until the markets are actually open.

This is usually a price prediction rather than an actual change in the stock price. Only real-time trades can change the stock price.

Can I buy stocks on Saturday?

No, you cannot buy stocks on Saturday. The stock markets are closed on Saturdays. Instead, you can take this time to relax, take your mind off the markets or do some research. Trading throughout the week can be stressful. By taking a break on the weekends, you can come back refreshed and ready to trade on Monday morning. 

Can I buy stocks on Sunday? 

No, you cannot buy stocks on Sundays either. The stock markets are also closed on Sundays. This day is a great opportunity to review your trading journal, spend time with friends, and family, or catch up on some sleep. The market will reopen the next day, so preparing for the week ahead on Sundays can be very beneficial for your trading success. 

Can you sell or buy stocks on the weekend on Robinhood? 

You can't sell stock or buy stocks on the weekends on Robinhood either. Again, the stock markets are only open from Monday-Friday. However, you can still access your account and add stocks to your watchlist. 


Now that you know a little more about weekend trading, be sure to use this information to help you make the best decisions throughout the trading week. There are a few reasons why the stock market is not open 24 hours, and you should remember that the stock markets are only open from Monday-Friday. 

That means you have an opportunity to take a break from making trades and improve upon your strategy.