There are a lot of cannabis business social networks out there. It can be tough to decide which one is the best for your needs. 

In this article, we will list all of the cannabis business social networks, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Hopefully, this will help you make the best decision for your business! 

What is a cannabis business social network? 

A cannabis business social network is a platform where cannabis businesses can connect. This can be used to find new customers, partners, and suppliers. It can also be used to share information and resources. Cannabis business social networks can be a valuable tool for cannabis businesses. 

They can help you find new opportunities and grow your business. If you are looking to start or grow a cannabis business, consider using a cannabis business social network. Cannabis enthusiasts will also use these platforms to express their passions without fear of censorship on other social media sites. These tools are perfect for cannabis businesses to network and create the best product and service for this community. 

What are some benefits of using a cannabis business social network? 

Some benefits of using a cannabis business social network include: 

  • Connecting with other cannabis businesses 
  • Share information and resources 
  • Create a brand presence 
  • Finding new customers 

Developing relationships with other businesses 

This can be helpful as suppliers and brands typically do not openly advertise as much as other industries due to the various legality differences between countries and states. Finding reputable business partners that follow all the regulations can be a difficult chore. With cannabis business social networks, it becomes significantly easier to locate these businesses as they are typically grouped in one place. 

Learning through resources 

Additionally, cannabis business social networks provide a great opportunity for businesses to share information and resources. For example, if a dispensary is looking for a new supplier, they can post on the network and see if any of their colleagues have any recommendations.

This way, businesses can learn from each other and avoid making mistakes that could cost them time and money. Another example of this could be two growers sharing notes on how to create high yields with more potent strains. A brand facing legal issues may consult another brand that has been in a similar position. As the industry grows, sharing resources with other businesses can open the door for meaningful partnerships and collaborations. 

Creating a brand presence 

An effective benefit of cannabis business social networks is that they can help businesses create a strong brand presence. For example, if a business has a strong social media following, they can use the cannabis business social network to share their content and attract new followers. This can be a great way for businesses to get their name out there and build a strong reputation. 

Attracting new customers 

Cannabis business social networks can help businesses attract new customers. For example, if a customer is looking for a specific product or service, they can search the network for businesses that offer what they need. This can be a great way for customers to find reputable and reliable businesses without having to do a lot of research themselves. 

What are the most popular cannabis business social networks? 

Here is a quick list of the most well-known social networks operating in the cannabis industry. We will also go into the details of each network with its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you read until the end because we weed through the list and pick out the best cannabis business social network for you. Here are the most popular cannabis business social networks:

  • Grasscity 
  • LeafWire 
  • Weedable 
  • Bud Hubz 
  • Duby 
  • CannaSOS 
  • 420 Magazine Forum 
  • WeedLife 



Grasscity is an example of how a pipe and accessories brand can create its own social network of customer enthusiasts. They have successfully done so with their Grasscity forums. 

By doing this, they have become the cannabis business social network for enthusiasts looking for reviews and recommendations. This is a great way to connect with customers, learn about their interests, and get feedback on products and services. 

Grasscity advantages: 

  • Get connected with customers 
  • Learn customer's interests 
  • Get feedback on products and services 
  • Centralized control over the network Disadvantages: 
  • It may be difficult to scale 
  • Can alienate some customers who don't want to participate in a forum 



This social network is similar to LinkedIn, except it's specifically dedicated to cannabis professionals. Leafwire is a social network for more business-minded individuals within the industry rather than consumer-based. 

LeafWire advantages: 

  • Cannabis professionals only 
  • Grow your cannabis business network 
  • Professional content only 

LeafWire disadvantages: 

  • It may be difficult to find cannabis consumers 
  • Not much opportunity for a brand to do DTC marketing 



Weedable is a social platform for marijuana patients, dispensaries, doctors, and businesses. Their goal is to connect individuals and remove the stigma associated with cannabis. The social site also educates and shares information on medical-related information about cannabis. 

Weedable advantages: 

  • Patients, dispensaries, doctors, and businesses connect
  • Educates on cannabis-related information 
  • Remove stigma associated with cannabis 
  • Best for doctors, dispensaries, brands, and patients 

Weedable disadvantages: 

  • Limited to the U.S. and Canada 
  • Not designed for growers and manufacturers 

Bud Hubz 

This cannabis social network is designed for consumers connecting with traveling cannabis enthusiasts. Bud Hubz help travelers plan their trip around their passion for cannabis and connect them with 'buddies' so that they can have a like-minded friend as a local guide.

Bud Hubz advantages: 

  • Find new suppliers, distributors, and customers 
  • Interact with other cannabis businesses 
  • Easily searchable database 
  • Great for local search 
  • Can find potential micro-influencers in the 'buddies' section 
  • Great place to list your cannabis business to attract traveling customers 

Bud Hubz disadvantages: 

  • Specifically tailored for travelers 
  • Not much opportunity for B2B networking 



This cannabis social network is designed for consumers and businesses. It's a great resource for finding information on strains, dispensaries, doctors, and products like delta 8 gummies. They also have a blog that covers the latest cannabis news. 

A unique feature of CannaSOS is that they encourage user engagement by including a contribution system that rewards with Perkcoins that can be used to buy memberships and sponsored posts used to pay for advertising or trade for many major international currencies. 

CannaSOS advantages: 

  • Information hub for cannabis consumers and businesses 
  • News coverage of cannabis industry 
  • Product reviews by other cannabis consumers 
  • Community contribution system 

Canna SOS disadvantages: 

  • Not much opportunity for B2B networking 
  • CannaSOS is more focused on cannabis consumers than businesses


420 Magazine Forum 

420 Magazine Forum is a popular online forum where cannabis enthusiasts from all backgrounds can connect anonymously. It's a great place for people to ask questions and get advice from other cannabis users. 

420 Magazine Forum advantages: 

  • Anonymity 
  • Great place for people to ask questions and get advice 
  • Variety of topics discussed 
  • Helpful for industry research by seeing what's trending 

420 Magazine Forum disadvantages: 

  • Not much opportunity for business networking 
  • Can be difficult to stand out from the crowd 


WeedLife (A cannabis network group) 

WeedLife is the world's most popular cannabis social networking site, with more than 120 million monthly visitors from over 120 countries. Its network consists of MJInvest, MJLink, and HempTalk

MJ Invest 

MJ Invest is where publicly traded companies and private companies go to network. You can often find pre-IPO and newly listed companies on this website. 

MJ Invest advantages: 

  • A lot of investment opportunities 
  • Great for business networking 

MJ Invest disadvantages: 

  • More focused on investors than consumers 

MJ Link 

This is a great choice for cannabis businesses. It offers featured business pages as well as interviews. It's a helpful cannabis social network for businesses looking for PR within this specific industry. 

MJ Link advantages: 

  • Public relations 
  • Industry-specific 

MJ Link disadvantages: 

  • Less exposure to people outside of the cannabis Industry 
  • Smaller user base than other networks 
  • Not specifically built for consumers to connect with 
  • Lack of user engagements 



HempTalk is a cannabis content website that discusses the business side of the cannabis industry. You can find topics on cultivation, processing, legislation, and more. 

HempTalk advantages: 

  • A lot of helpful information for cannabis businesses 
  • Helpful content to reach out to potential influencers 

HempTalk disadvantages:  

  • More focused on the business side of cannabis 
  • Not much opportunity for consumer networking 
  • Lacks basic social media features 
  • Designed to be a content site rather than a social tool 



This is an interesting cannabis social network as it has raised money on Start Engine. Duby is a social network for cannabis enthusiasts that want to connect with other users and businesses. It's a great place for people to find strain information, dispensary locations, and more. 

  • App launched in April 2015 
  • Over a quarter-million Installs 
  • Impressive monthly revenues ($20,000) 
  • Provides privacy protected social network (PPSN) 
  • Patent-pending social algorithm 
  • Registered trademarks 

Duby advantages: 

  • Allows cannabis business advertising and marketing 
  • Strong user base 
  • Proof of concept 
  • Easy interface 
  • Strong network effect 
  • High ROI potential for advertisers 
  • Easy networking opportunities 
  • Offers social media management as a service 

Duby disadvantages 

There has been a lack of development after 2019. This business model/platform may not be sustainable in the long run. 

The best cannabis business social network 

Cannabis business social networks offer advantages and disadvantages when it comes to promoting your cannabis business. The best social media platforms will depend on the specific needs of your company. 

However, general cannabis social networks like CannaSOS or 420 Magazine Forum can be helpful resources for researching the industry as well as connecting with consumers. HempTalk is also a good source of content marketing within the cannabis industry. 

When it comes to cannabis business networking, MJLink and Duby offer the best opportunities. Duby seems to have momentum but has been lacking in activity since its StartEngine equity offering. 

It looked like there was a plan to use the cannabis social network as a way to offer social media management as a service. 

However, it's not clear if this is still the case. “We use Duby to message over 10,000 consumers a day. I like the platform for the fact that we can geo-target our consumers and they {Duhave back end analytics which allow me to see, in real-time, the results that our investment provides.” - Chris Driessen of Organa Brands LeafWire may be the better choice if you are in B2B or a professional looking to start a career within the industry. 

The cannabis industry is ever-changing, so it's important to keep up with the latest social media platforms and trends. By staying up-to-date, you'll be able to make the most of cannabis social networking for your business. The best cannabis business social network will depend on your individual needs. 

Cannabis business social networks: which one is right for you? 

Cannabis business social networks can be a great way to connect with other businesses, consumers, and content creators. They can also be a valuable resource for researching the cannabis industry. 

When choosing a cannabis business social network, consider your business needs and the specific features of each platform. There are many cannabis business social networks available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to choose the right one for you.

Do some research and see which platform would be the best fit. Don't be afraid to try out several networks to see which one works best for you.