Accelerated moves in the Eagle Ford Shale Play are underway to pull more oil from existing wells in Texas.

Recent trends and world events are pushing up the price of oil, in the presence of continued demand. Sumu Energy, Inc., a new player made up of industry veterans, has made its move to the Eagle Ford Shale Play.

The Eagle Ford Shale Play - Texas

The Eagle Ford Shale Play is an area in the State of Texas, USA, that produces the most oil over any other area in the U.S. More than 200 operators are located in the Play.

Sumu Energy, Inc. recently achieved its operator license from the Texas Railroad Commission - Oil and Gas Division, which has jurisdiction over operator licensing in Texas.

Sumu is in the sector of operators that work exclusively with already existing wells. Those wells, by and large, have up to 70% of oil left in them, while the first 30%, the ‘low hanging fruit’ is typically taken by the large producers.

Sumu Energy is agile and can move quickly

The Sumu team, is very experienced in the oil business. The result is that the company can move very quickly to lock in leases, get the permits, get the mobile rigs to the site, and start pumping oil within 30 days of starting on a well.

sumu energy

With up to 70% of the oil still in the wells, various drilling techniques are available, while there is still plenty of ‘low hanging fruit’ in those wells.

Later, Sumu will use lateral drilling and hydrogen injection to extract the remaining oil, a time frame that could go for at least an additional 15 years.

Sumu Energy is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.)

In order to present the best investor profile, Sumu Energy, Inc. was registered by its promoters, with the S.E.C. bearing CIK number: 0001871968.

The promoters uploaded the company electronic form Reg. D onto EDGAR, and the corresponding Offering Memorandum may be viewed at the investor portal on the capital project website at

The promoters also placed a Series A Term Sheet onto the portal.

Moving quickly with an initial $3 million raise

As fully disclosed in the offering memorandum, Sumu is raising an initial $3 million of the $20 million Reg. D offering, in order to start on four lucrative wells. 

All four wells will be started simultaneously upon reaching the $3 million.

The Board of Directors have authorized two programs for additional investor incentives, both fully disclosed in the offering memorandum.

First, the company will provide a two percent cash rebate to all purchasers up to the $3 million goal.

Second, the company will provide a one for one shares match on all shares purchased, up to the $3 million goal.

Company president, Spencer Brown, Jr. said: “We are proud that we took the step of undergoing the due diligence process with the Texas Railroad Commission and with the S.E.C. As a small company, we can be agile in the lucrative Eagle Ford Shale Play for many years to come. We ask that investors look at our offering documents and rely only on the information that is within the four corners of those documents, and the electronic uploads onto EDGAR. Investing in our offerings carries a high degree of risk.”

More general information is provided at the company’s video here: 


Sumu Energy, Inc. is a licensed oil operator in the State of Texas. The company is registered with the S.E.C. for further maximum investor transparency.

Company officials can begin operating four wells with investor participation of $3 million, within 30 days of achieving the funding goal. All proceeds will be used for operations on those four wells.


FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENT: Sumu Energy, Inc. is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). The company bears S.E.C. file number, CIK # 0001871968. The company’s electronic, EDGAR file at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, may be viewed here : EDGAR link

Sumu Energy, Inc. is a licensed operator in Texas by the licensing commission, the Texas Railroad Commission.

On February 3, 2022, the promoters uploaded the Second Amended Reg. D Offering Memorandum onto the investor portal on this website.

STR Capital, Inc. is the promoter for the project.

STR Capital, Inc., and its employees and agents are ‘promoters,’ within the meaning of Securities Act of 1933, Rule 405, 17 C.F.R. § 230.405(i). In addition, STR Capital, Inc., and its employees, provide shares sales fulfillment services, issuance of stock certificates, dilution calculation services, and shares and dilution ledger maintenance services.

The project securities writing and filer support company is OTC 251, Inc.

The project technology manager for the project at STR Capital, Inc., is Weston Willett.

The project shares dilution analyst and ledger manager is Gabriella ‘Gaby’ Caloia - New York City.

The project shares escrow agent is attorney/CPA, Vic Devlaeminnck.

The project snap auditor is Lama Najib, CPA / Procyon Financial, LLC.

Any media presentations, in the form of videos, graphics, photographs or images are provided strictly for entertainment purposes. Any information in any videos, unless otherwise specifically quoting the offering documents, is made for informational and entertainment purposes.

Viewers must completely ignore any other information related to the offering, whether on this website, in any media or by any persons. Everything having to do with S.E.C. offering is contained within the four corners of the uploaded electronic Form Reg. D and the Reg. D Offering Memorandum ,shown on the password protected investor tab on this website. A pdf. of the Second Amended Form Reg. D Offering Memorandum may be downloaded and printed, at no charge, from the investor portal tab on this website.

Investment opportunities may be viewed at the investor portal tab on this project website.

Investors may verify the authenticity of the Texas Railroad Commission license, by contacting the Commission directly.