In order to expand our knowledge, it is important to understand every aspect of psychology, and dark psychology books can be an insightful tool. Dark psychology comprises the use of psychological approaches such as persuasion, and manipulation. These can be used in a malicious way. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of this and be able to navigate the business world while identifying this type of behaviour in others. 

This makes it imperative to read dark psychology books. In order to develop your ability to spot actions that may have malicious intent. Here are some of the best books you can read on dark psychology so that you can spot these patterns:

Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1

Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1 by Jonathan Mind 

Dark Psychology features 3 books in 1. Including the titles, “Manipulation and Dark Psychology”, “Persuasion and Dark Psychology” and “Dark NLP”. This is the “Definitive Guide to Detect and Defend Yourself From Dark Psychology Secrets”. It is the first part of Jonathan Mind’s Dark Psychology book series

The author writes about the signs of mental manipulation, abuse and exploitation. In this dark psychology book, Mind teaches the techniques of these dark psychologies. And how they affect our thoughts and actions. 

He emphasises that it is important to know how these manipulations work. So we can avoid it from happening or experiencing its negative effects. The minds of humans are very much capable of utilising and controlling the depths of our conscience whether at work or home. 

Thus, by recognizing its ways, we can avoid being manipulated, reducing harm to ourselves and the people around us who may be under the same circumstances. Dark psychology, however, remains ethical in righteous hands, but many are willing to use it for their own benefit. These are selfish benefits that bring good to themselves, but harm to you. If you feel that you are in someone else’s clutches, this dark psychology book will help you. By taking back control over your life.

Dark Psychology: 6 Books in 1 by Benedict Goleman

Dark Psychology: 6 Books in 1 by Benedict Goleman 

Dark Psychology by Benedict Goleman features 6 books in 1, including the titles, “Introducing Psychology”, “How to Analyse People with Dark Psychology”, “Manipulation and Dark Psychology”, “Dark Psychology Secrets”, “Emotional Intelligence and CBT”, “Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery”. 

In these dark psychology books, Goleman writes about how to utilise dark psychology to bring success to yourself. And instil power in the minds of people around you, as well as its negative and positive effects on our wellbeing. In “Introducing Psychology”, we learn about how our mind works. Why do we have certain behaviours and why do we react in different ways. 

Understanding your psychology is a step closer to having higher emotional intelligence and better control over your behaviours. In “How to Analyse People with Dark Psychology”, Goleman teaches us how to analyse the minds of others like how we analyse our own. 

By knowing what triggers their behaviours or motivates them into accomplishing a certain task. You can utilise this and be able to make them do something of your will. In “Manipulation and Dark Psychology”, Goleman teaches you how to use dark psychology to manipulate people into always doing what you want. 

Dark psychology common techniques

He provides the most common dark psychology techniques and guides on how to make use of them. In “Dark Psychology Secrets”, he writes about how to use dark psychology for the good of the people around you. You can influence and control those around you, but you can aid that control with a few tips and tricks provided by the author. 

In “Emotional Intelligence and CBT”, Goleman emphasises that to effectively manipulate a mind, you must first know the ins and outs of emotion. Because most of our thoughts are controlled or driven away by emotion, we can use others’ emotions to our advantage and take control. 

Goleman writes about the basics of emotion and behaviour, explaining how it affects our reactions to different types of situations. In “Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery”, he teaches about how to recognize signs of emotional and narcissistic abuse. As well as its remedy and healing process. 

Dark Psychology Secrets

Dark Psychology Secrets by William J. Goleman 

In this dark psychology book, William J. Goleman writes about how to recognize and defend yourself from manipulation, mind control and NLP used immorally. By recognizing these dark psychology techniques. So that we can protect ourselves from mental harm and use them on the people around us - with morals, of course. 

Thus, Goleman teaches about the meaning of manipulation, persuasion and body language. By understanding the secrets behind these mind control techniques, we can uncover the person’s motive. Allowing us to know the best protective measure to use if ever you are in a situation where dark psychology is being used against you. 

Featured in this book is an explanation of manipulation and persuasion. They have their similarities and differences and they also utilise different kinds of techniques. Although manipulation and persuasion may be used for good, they may also be misused. Goleman writes about how to identify dark manipulation and persuasion, as well as ways to counter it. 

The author emphasises how to read people through their reactions and body gestures. Not only does he write about how to identify dark psychology, but he also teaches the different types of techniques. Such as NLP, brainwashing, hypnosis and more. He even includes how to use these techniques, so that you can also take control and instil power in your environment. 

The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene 

A compilation of three thousand years worth of philosophies, Robert Greene provides the 48 most essential laws for displaying dominance, establishing control and acquiring power over your peers. 

With these valuable pieces of advice on power, you would be dominating those around you in no time. Some of these laws may pertain to your outer appearance, your self-confidence, your actions, your reputation and the way you carry yourself. 

Greene will teach you how to act and shield your mind to control the minds of others, giving you absolute power to further promote yourself in society. The sixteenth law for example, “Use absence to increase respect and honour,” is a law that pertains to your reputation. 

In this law, he explains that absence would create value in scarcity. Show up too often and you would be considered common. Another is the thirty-fifth law, “Master the art of timing”. Thus, hurrying would make you look like you have no control over yourself. 

It would make you look irresponsible. This law pertains to confidence and being relaxed, knowing that everything would fall into place with time, which would establish power amongst your peers. These laws, along with 46 others, provide the most fascinating and formidable ways of establishing power, respect and control in your environment. 

The Psychology of Persuasion

The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini 

There is no doubt that being persuasive is a form of control. Robert B. Cialdini shows exactly how to achieve this control and be able to make people do your bidding. In this book, the answer to why people say “yes,” is revealed. 

For 35 years, Cialdini has been studying the art of persuasion and influence. As a result, this wonderful book is filled with life-changing insights and is here to help you change your life for the better. 

Backed by evidence-based research, Cialdini writes about what drives people’s behaviours and how persuasion can affect them. There are six universal principles in this dark psychology book that explain how to be an effective persuader, how to identify if a person is persuading you for their benefit and how to shield yourself from the wrath of their persuasion. Truly, an interesting take on influence and how it affects our decisions. 

The Art of Seduction

Art of Seduction by Robert Greene 

With thousands of years of evidence, Robert Greene does it again with The Art of Seduction. It is a powerful mode of influence, a mind-beguiling feat. Along with techniques taken from as far back as the seductress Cleopatra’s time, Greene combines philosophies from the world’s greatest thinkers, such as Freud and Einstein, to create the ultimate tactics to seduce, persuade and influence. 

The ABC... Dark Psychology 2.0

The ABC... Dark Psychology 2.0: 10 Books in 1 by Benedict Goleman 

In this collection of dark psychology books, Goleman explains the very basics of dark psychology. Starting from the way people think, behave and act to how to manipulate and establish control. 

Featured in this set of books is 10 volumes on basic psychology. Identification of persuasion, deception, influence, mental and emotional manipulation. These dark psychology books will teach you how to protect your mind from abuse and manipulation. As well as use these techniques to counter any manipulation and control those around you. These are spectacular ways to boost your confidence and rise above your peers. 

The Secret Guide To Dark Psychology

The Secret Guide To Dark Psychology - 5 Books in 1 by Emory Green 

With 5 books in 1, Emory Green explains how to be like the people you look up to and bring success in your life. These dark psychology books will teach you all of the tricks. From being a dark psychology user and to seeing through all of the manipulation and lies that may be present in your home or work today. 

Green teaches us how to use manipulation, blackmail, NLP, seduction, persuasion and more to get what we want. He also teaches us how to protect ourselves from the same techniques. 

Dark Psychology and Manipulation

Dark Psychology and Manipulation by William Cooper 

If you have ever been under someone’s control or manipulation, then you know that it is not a nice feeling. It is degrading and harms your mental well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from such motives by beginning to understand the science behind dark psychology. 

Not only will you learn about how others have been using dark psychology, but you will also be able to use it yourself. By learning about the best mind control tricks that could make you powerful in society. 

Proven Psychological Manipulation Techniques

Proven Psychological Manipulation Techniques by Emory Green 

In another book of Green’s, he writes about how people on the top of society get what they want, whenever they want. Therefore, there are ways to become just like them and you can utilise the science-backed manipulation techniques featured in this book. 

By following the techniques in this book, you would be able to tamper with the cogs running in the back of their minds and control them at your will. Green will teach you how to use dark psychology to always win and control every aspect.