Today we will analyze one of the best research platforms available to investors - StockRover. StockRover was created to enable investors to access all the information they need to make the best investment decisions possible. Based on this premise the main goal is to offer accessible data, and a set of proprietary tools that help inventors sort through stocks, analyze them and ultimately make informed decisions regarding their investments. We will go over the features available so that you can decide whether StockRover is the right tool for you. Keep in mind that StockRover offers a  2-week free trial period, where you can test all of the features available.


StockRover’s screener allows you to perform screening on stocks and ETFs in the Canadian and US markets. This way you will easily filter through all of the available stocks and ETFs that fit your desired criteria. This can save you time and allow you to easily find desirable investment opportunities at the distance of a few clicks. StockRover goes beyond what traditional screeners can do. As it allows users to customize screeners based on countless different metrics. 


Another feature that is highly desirable and it is highly uncommon among screeners is the ability to create screeners based on the weight you want to attribute to a certain metric. For instance, if you are looking at stocks, and you want to make sure that the companies you sort through have very little debt, you can assign a larger weight to different debt metrics. This is an incredible feature that allows you to easily find investment options that completely fit your desired criteria. You can also create screeners based on historical data, and even combine different equations to improve your screening process.

StockRover’s screener is the best and most complete screener available to investors, especially when we consider the low cost of the subscription. A time-saving tool that increases your efficiency when searching for the right stocks and ETFs for you.

Stock screener

The platform comes with over 140 pre-built screeners for stocks that can be heavily modified. These pre-built screeners are included in the Stock Rover Screener Library. Investors can also build their own custom screeners, and there are 562 metrics you can use to build your own custom screeners. This allows you to easily find different stocks that fit your criteria. 

stock rover analysis

StockRover allows you to screen stocks based on analyst estimates, and ratings on several metrics. It also includes a set of proprietary scores and grades on stocks. Investors can also select StockRover’s own ratings, and incorporate them into the screening process. Guru screeners are also available, as StockRover combines metrics used by very well-known investors. 

Guru screeners include:

  • Piotroski F-Score
  • Price to Graham Number
  • Price to Lynch Fair Value
  • Greenblatt Return on Capital
  • Greenblatt Earnings Yield
  • Beneish M-Score
  • Altman Z-Score
  • Sloan Ratio
  • Yacktman Forward Rate of Return
  • Shiller PE

ETF screener

StockRover comes with 16 pre-built screeners for ETFs. This allows you to easily find the stocks and ETFs that best suit your investment strategy, and goals. This is another great tool to find ETFs that match your investment goals.

Stock research reports

The StockRover research reports are among one of our favorite features. Not everyone has time to spend looking at several stocks and dissecting their financials for hours. For those investors, StockRover has the research report feature. Investors can easily download a stock research report on their desired stock, and StockRover will compile all of the fundamental information, including its proprietary scores. 

This allows you to get a broad picture of the company, and its financials. Let’s say you spend a few hours a day on public transportation, you can bring several research reports and go through them in a matter of minutes. The ability to compile large sets of data, in real-time all in one document that can be easily examined is an incredible feature. Investors can access stock research reports on more than 7,000 stocks available on the platform.

Stock Rover’s research reports include different data, such as:

  • A brief overview of the company
  • Key ratios and metrics
  • Chart comparison between the S&P 500, and the stock’s industry
  • StockRover’s score, as well as fair value and margin of safety
  • Analyst estimates and ratings
  • Comparison between peers
  • Dividend information
  • Financial statement overview
  • Valuation
  • Warnings and risks associated with the stock

stock rover stock

Portfolio management 

Another impressive set of features available in StockRover has to do with portfolio management. Some investors spend way too much time analyzing their portfolio performance, and allocation using Excel spreadsheets. It works, but there are easier ways to get the same results and access several tools with less effort.

Using StockRover’s portfolio management you can easily track your portfolio’s performance, and compare it with different benchmarks.

Through StockRover’s broker integration, you can upload your portfolio onto the platform using a spreadsheet. You can also do it manually, but it will be much more time-efficient if you upload the data you get from your broker. StockRover has partnered with over 1,000 brokers, to easily allow their customers to easily upload their portfolio data.  

You can also download their portfolio report which allows you to effortlessly review your performance and stocks you have saved as targets. StockRover also allows investors to analyze their portfolios based on different performance metrics, and test the correlation of the different positions. StockRover also has a feature that allows investors to calculate their expected dividends. If you are a dividend growth investor this can be an excellent tool. 

Lastly, there are several alerts you can create within the platform. This will help you to keep track of several metrics, and create custom alerts, that you can receive through text message or email. Another stellar feature that saves time, and adds value to users.

Advanced charting

For investors that want to perform complex technical analysis, StockRover also has plenty of tools to help you with that. You will be able to compare your portfolio against different benchmarks. Even for fundamentally driven investors, you can compare different fundamental metrics across different time periods, and valuations. It is also possible to compare the price of the stock based on several metrics over time.

Another useful feature is the ability to see different events and see how fundamentals and prices changed. Overall a very useful set of features that can complement both your technical and fundamental analysis.

Integrating with broker

One of the great optionalities of StockRover is to integrate your current portfolio with the platform. All you need to do is to download the files from your broker and upload them into StockRover. This allows you to get instant data, and track your portfolio performance on a daily basis. This feature is extremely useful, and instead of spending time on Excel trying to compile all the data related to your portfolio, StockRover can do it for you in a matter of minutes.


It is important to mention that StockRover has a free plan available to all investors. Although the features and tools available are limited, it is a great way to access different market data. With the free plan, you have a comprehensive set of features available for free. 

When it comes to paid plans there are several options that you should consider depending on the features and tools you want to use. StockRover has 3 different pricing plans.

StockRover Essentials

The most basic plan is StockRover Essentials, which starts at $7.99/month. You can also subscribe for a year for $79.99/year or for two years $139.99/2 years. The longer you subscribe the cheaper the plan will get, rewarding customers that want to stick with the platform over a long time.

StockRover Essentials features include:

  • Data on over 10,000 North American stocks and 3,000 ETFs
  • Data on over 40,000 ETFs
  • Over 260 different metrics are available
  • Detailed historical data going back 5 years
  • Research reports
  • Charts
  • Stock screening 
  • Fair Value and Margin of safety scores (10 scores per month)
  • Investor warnings (10 tickers per month)
  • Alerts on tickers
  • Market news
  • Ideas 
  • Earnings calendar
  • Access to prebuilt screeners, and custom metrics

StockRover Premium

The StockRover Premium plan is for investors that want to take advantage of more information and features. It starts at $17.99/month. If you wish to subscribe for a year the price will be reduced to $179.99/year. For investors looking to subscribe for longer, it comes in at $319.99/2 years. Depending on your investor profile, and what you want to achieve with the platform, you might want to consider this plan. It includes all of the features and tools available on StockRover Essentials and more. Here are some of the features included in the StockRover Premium plan:

  • Over 350 different metrics
  • Detailed historical data going back 10 years
  • Stock and ETF screener, with the ability to rank based on different criteria
  • Over 100 different metrics to use on charts
  • Advanced alerts
  • Elaborate portfolio analysis including future dividend
  • Correlation analysis
  • Trade planning

StockRover Premium Plus

For the most advanced users, or for inventors looking to access all of the features available in StockRover there is the StockRover Premium Plus. This is ultimately one of the best tools out there whether you are an investor or trader. All of the features available are included in this plan that starts at $27.99/month. If you wish to subscribe for 1 year, the price is $279.99/year. For longer subscriptions, it is $479.99/2 year which is $19.99/month. A very affordable price considering all the tools available, and the positive impact it can have on your returns. StockRover Premium Plus include:

  • Over 650 different metrics
  • Customizable metrics
  • Create equations to use in screening
  • Complete historical data
  • Over 180 different metrics to screen ETFs
  • Stock ratings
  • Current and historical stock scores
  • Unlimited investor warnings


StockRover gives equity investors the ability to access tools that are available to institutional investors, in a well-designed platform that has an affordable price. Even their most expensive plan can be had for a 2 year period, and it comes at $19.99 a month.

Ultimately StockRover is among the best stock research platforms out there. At an accessible price, that allows retail investors to access data that was once only available to institutional investors. Its set of proprietary features is a key aspect of the platform, and you will not find them anywhere else. Whether you are just starting out your investment journey, or you are a seasoned investor, StockRover offers value at an affordable price and helps you to improve your investment decisions.

Considering the research platforms available to investors, StockRover stands out as a complete platform that caters to novice and experienced investors. Whether you are a passive investor, focused on the long-term, or are an active trader, StockRover has plenty of features to help you optimize your investment decisions. We recommend you sign up for the free trial, and dabble with the platform for a while before committing to a subscription. You will find that for the price, the value you get is outstanding.

Image source: StockRover