October 5, 2022  - New York City - Posh Markets, Inc., a cannabis and cannabis products company has launched its first capital raise. The company is raising $10 million for its branding and marketing effort that seeks to stamp its ‘Posh’ brand as a unifying place to buy the products.

The company’s filer support company recently achieved the enrollment of the company onto the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.). The CIK number is 0001948741. 

Posh company President, K. Balasubramanyam, stated: “We are really proud to have the company enrolled with the S.E.C. We believe this to be the best way to provide the most transparency to investors.’

The company investor website is at www.poshmarkets-investors.com.

Posh Markets, Inc. is a planned online e-commerce destination for all things cannabis.

The company’s technology chief, Chandrasekaran Rajasekar, stated: “We believe that, with the significant expansion in the number of producers, manufacturers and sellers, a marketplace concept will be a welcome place for the retail consumer.”




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STR Capital, Inc., is the promoter on the project. STR Capital, Inc., and its employees or any agents are ‘promoters,’ within the meaning of Securities Act of 1933, Rule 405, 17 C.F.R. § 230.405(i). STR Capital, Inc., has no customers that require a FINRA broker. There are no brokers of any type who are employed by or contracted with STR Capital, Inc.

The offering is made pursuant to JOBS Act Rule 506(c), and is an exempt limited offering. 

There are no sellers on the offering. Investors must make an investment decision based upon the contents of the Form Reg. D uploaded onto EDGAR and shown here: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/browse/?CIK=1948741

In addition, investors must make the investment decision based, also, on the contents of the corresponding offering circular on the project website at www.poshmarkets-investors.com.

Under any and all circumstances, no information that is provided on this press release or on the project website may take the place of the information that is contained on the EDGAR file, and in the offering document.

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For a copy of the offering memorandum, please contact the promotions manager, Tony Ramos, at tony@partnerstr.com.