If you're looking to invest in the entertainment industry, then you may be wondering if MindGeek is a good investment. This article will answer all of those questions and more! We'll tell you everything you need to know about MindGeek stock, including who owns it and whether or not there will be an IPO. 

Can you invest in MindGeek stock? 

No, you can't invest in MindGeek stock because the company is a private establishment. Thus, there is no public trading of MindGeek shares. The best way you can invest in MindGeek is to subscribe to its various entertainment channels. 

Although you won't be benefiting financially or owning equity, you will be contributing to the company's success. 

You'll also be joining more than 150 million daily visitors, which also goes to show how popular MindGeek's entertainment is for internet users. That is quite impressive considering the firm only has about 905 employees.

Does MindGeek have stock?

Not only can you not invest in MindGeek stock but the company doesn't even have stock. Although it has a high daily view rate, it is not a publicly traded company. Therefore, the brand does not have stock at all. If you want to own shares of the company, you are out of luck!

Who owns MindGeek?

Bernd Bergmair, a former Goldman Sachs banker owns the majority of the company. As the internet age's Hugh Hefner, he's been able to parlay his good looks and financial acumen into a successful business. 

In addition, MindGeek has many employees and it's speculated that some of them own a small percentage of the company. However, no one knows the exact number because MindGeek is a privately held company.

You can visit MindGeek's corporate office which is located at 32 Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg City, 2449, Luxembourg, and see if they have any job openings. If so, feel free to apply for an interview and ask if they offer employee shares! 

Is MindGeek a publicly traded company? 

To reiterate for those that are keen on getting a piece of the pie, MindGeek is not a publicly traded company. The business model and content of the website may be risque, but that doesn't mean it's open to everyone in terms of investment. 

So if you were hoping to invest in MindGeek, we have some bad news for you! You'll have to find another company to invest your money in. You can browse through MindGeek's services such as website hosting, search engine marketing, and media content delivery, and find competitors that are publicly traded to get in on the industry.

Another way to get in on the action would be to browse through their subsidiaries to understand what they're all about. You might find another company that's a better fit for you and your investment goals.

Will there be a MindGeek stock IPO?

With revenues of $460 million back in 2021, it's no wonder that people are wondering if MindGeek will go public anytime soon. Unfortunately, there's no indication that this will happen in the near future. 

Even if it did, it's doubtful that Bergmair would want to sell his shares since he owns a majority stake in the company. The nature of the business is better suitable as a private establishment because the public backlash from some of the content could lead to a decline in stock prices. So, for now, at least, it doesn't look like there will be a MindGeek IPO. 

But who knows what the future holds! As mentioned earlier, if you're interested in investing in the company, your best bet is to subscribe to its various entertainment channels.

Would MindGeek be considered a sin stock?

Although its subsidiaries would cross the line for those that believe adult entertainment is sinful, MindGeek itself serves as more of an internet infrastructure company. Many of its subsidiaries produce and distribute adult entertainment, but it also has non-adult-related businesses. 

So while some people may consider MindGeek to be a sin stock, it really depends on your own definition and interpretation. If you believe that any company that supports the adult entertainment industry is sinful, then yes, MindGeek would be considered a sin stock. 

However, if you don't have a problem with the adult entertainment industry and see it as a victimless crime, then you probably wouldn't consider MindGeek to be a sin stock. The FBI has also investigated the actions of MindGeek after 132 sexual exploitation victims urged the agency to look into allegations of sex trafficking breaches. 

So, you can take that for what it is and decide if that would be an appropriate position to take in your portfolio if in the hypothetical case MindGeek did go public.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding everything there is to know about MindGeek. As a closing thought, the company is said to be worth around $1.69 billion. Despite its dark allegations, that number is quite high for such a small company. It shows how streaming services have taken over in recent years. 

Attention is a commodity in the internet age and being able to first attract masses of it and then monetize it effectively has been the playbook for many internet companies. The best example is Facebook (now Meta) which grew from a student project to a behemoth in just a few years.

If social media is less of a sin for you, and you are looking for a public company that operates in a similar way to MindGeek, Facebook/Meta would be a better pick for your portfolio. The key takeaway is no, you can't invest in MindGeek stock. 

You might or might not like what they do. But you can learn from their business success. Become the hub of attention and advertisers will become attracted to you. Attention is the first step to sales, by being the gateway to it you can control the traffic. That's why we believe that MindGeek is a company to keep an eye on, even if you can't invest in it.