You might think it's too early to start investing in stocks while in college, but it's actually the best time. The good thing about the stock market is that you can start with a small amount of cash and continue building your portfolio. Furthermore, dealing with small amounts will lead to minimal losses. 

It goes without saying that being a student investor will help you reach your long-term financial objectives. However, in order to avoid financial loss, you must also understand how to invest as a college student.

It would help if you did plenty of research before you started investing. So before entering the stock market, ensure it's not clashing with your studies. However, it's understandable that some courses might take most of your time, so feel free to ask for help. Many young adults often ask themselves questions like, "can I buy cheap essay?" Luckily, plenty of writing services like EssayHub are willing to help. One of the benefits of working with them is you’re assured there’s a professional writer on standby to assist you with your coursework.

However, if you already know the basics of investing, continue reading the article to learn more about the stock market.

The benefits of buying stocks as a college student

Now that you know why investing at an early age is advantageous, here are some benefits of buying stocks. 

  • It offers a fantastic chance to increase your money as the economy expands.
  • It boosts the value of your capital and protects it from losing value.
  • When you need money, you may quickly cash in your shares.
  • It provides many chances for profit to rise through dividends and price growth.
  • Stocks are easily accessible and do not need significant outlays of money.

These are a few of the benefits you will get if you start investing, but do more research to see if they are worth it. Also, if you're a student looking to start a small business but don't know where to begin, there are many successful entrepreneurs and coaches who share their knowledge online. Watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, and follow their socials for tips and guidance on how to run a successful business.

Now that you know the advantages of the stock market, here are some companies you can buy into. 


Netflix is one of the most popular video-streaming sites in the world. Many young adults love using this service because it has a ton of entertaining shows. It has led the market in delivering online video streaming to consumers for a while, and it's not slowing down anytime soon.

Over the past few years, streaming has become more popular than cable and will soon make the latter obsolete. There are many reasons why people would choose streaming over cable, but the main reason is that you can watch shows on multiple devices.

This switch will benefit streaming services, especially Netflix, because they have a wider variety of content than the rest. So buying stocks from one of the largest streaming companies is not a bad idea for a beginner.


Another well-known firm on the list is Starbucks. It has a reputation among college students for providing excellent coffee and free internet to all its customers. There is often a line at Starbucks locations close to colleges because students spend much of their time working or studying in these locations. 

Starbucks is one of the few companies in the world known for having the best customer relationships. The business is always looking for new ways to satisfy its consumers while attracting new ones. Their most recent and effective strategy was to introduce plant-based items on the menu. This was a huge success, and investors are excited to see what the company will do next. 


Everyone is familiar with Amazon. It is a global retailing giant. Once again, it is a well-known name, particularly among college students. In addition to providing cloud computing, e-commerce, and other services, Amazon is the ideal place for young adults to buy stocks.

The business sells stocks under the Nasdaq GS brand. They attract a strong investment from the public and provide excellent returns to their shareholders. 


The companies mentioned above are some of the best for beginners to start with. However, if you’d like more options, you can do more research to see which company will be the best fit for you. Remember to take your time and learn more about the company before investing.