The launch and development of the crypto world are based mostly on the expansion of blockchain technology. Several innovations can be included within the system, and it is already considered to be better than the centralized financial system. Which is the centralized financial system? 

We often consider the banks that the governments run to be the centralized financial institutions. Since cryptocurrencies are relatively undergoing the values of inflation, it might be possible that the investors are thinking banks to be the safer options for investment. 

Well, there will be many clauses that will support this and many which will go against it. Let us know some of the important points that will help you differentiate and decide the better option out of the two! If you are interested in bitcoin mining read the review here.

Points of Comparison

We can go through some of the points which will elucidate the main drawbacks of using the banking system.


  •       Banks are not always available.
  •       You have to think of the times when the banks are closed for the weekends and cannot take up the essential transactions.
  •       The physical appearance of the people in the banks is also considered to be a hindrance to the feature of accessibility.
  •       This might take up a huge amount of valuable time.

Financial Inclusion

  •       The systems which are available at the banks are not inclusive of the needs of all people.
  •       There are certain facilities like soft loans available only for a certain group of people.
  •       The lower interest rates are not provided to all clients.

Security Issues

  •       Mobile banking has evolved as one of the most used systems, but you should know that security issues are prime in this case.
  •       The accounts on mobile banking can be hacked quite easily in comparison to the wallets of cryptocurrencies.

Extra Fees

  •       Banks are always associated with the extra fees.
  •       It has to be noted that the transactions are quite slow in this case as well.
  •       The fees charged for the slow transactions are much higher than the ones you are paying for fast transactions in the crypto world.

Can Be Biased

  •       You have to think about the moments when the bank services have proven to be more expensive for a certain group of people.
  •       You can easily find the demarcation lines which the banks have set to separate their special clients.
  •       If you have a feud with the authorities of a certain bank, it is quite sure that your work will be completely hung at the particular bank.
  •       This can be avoided completely in the crypto world as there is no kind of third party involved in any of the transactions.

How is Crypto Better?

Cryptocurrencies seem to conduct the transactions within a matter of minutes rather than taking days and weeks. This is a simple point. However, some other areas have appealed to the investors as well. Let us check out those points as well.

Decentralized Nature

  •       It has been identified that cryptocurrencies do not have any influence on the third-party groups in the interactions.
  •       This is different from the banks.
  •       The entire system is void of any kind of bias, and the ID numbers are the proof of any identity.
  •       The systems are more secure than usual, and most people find it easy to carry out their transactions on their own without any interference.

Smart Contracts

  •       You will be able to get easy computer-accessed contracts with the help of cryptocurrencies in the market.
  •       It is highly challenging for banks.


  •       Certain automatic systems can use human interactions quite easily.
  •       They can be accessed anytime you want, and this includes the holidays as well!


  •       The uniformity which the banks offer can be avoided quite easily with the help of the crypto world.
  •       You can choose to invest whichever kind of coin or token you want, and there will be no barriers to your choice.


Cryptocurrencies have started to receive hype in the market for valid reasons. You have to think about the measures that can help you balance both and gain profits from each area. The banks offer more stability, but crypto is here to take your investments to a new level. Which will be your final choice? Think before you make the final steps in any of these markets.