NGMI has become a common acronym used among crypto and NFT investors. The meaning behind NGMI is “not going to make it”. The expression relates to investors' mistakes or poor judgment. That could lead to losing money while investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

It is a form of characterization of people or entities involved in crypto and NFTs. The term is used with a strong negative sentiment, and it can be used as an insult. Due to its negative connotation, the use of the expression NGMI should be avoided as to not offend anyone involved in the crypto and NFT space.

How is NGMI be used?

The expression is used when a crypto or NFT investor makes a decision that will negatively affect the returns on his investment. This means that it can be related to crypto the person has decided to invest in or an NFT that does not seem like it will make it. 

NGMI serves as a prediction of future loss of money. Due to poor judgment related to investments in crypto or NFTs. It can be used as an insult, or as a critique of someone’s investment.

NGMI has become a laughing topic

The use of the expression has become somewhat of an inside joke among investors. Due to the nature of the crypto and NFT space, and the uncertainty regarding how these investments will fare out in the future, it has become common for some individuals in the space to call out on what seems to them like bad financial decisions. They are then labeled as NGMI, and should therefore walk in shame.

Since most crypto and NFT investors are completely unaware of what the value of their investments will be in say 5 to 10 years. It seems foolish to label someone as NGMI because they did not buy the right JPEG.

NGMI is steering up people and causing confusion

Due to the fact that most people are not familiar with the term, it seems to be causing some confusion.


There is no telling whether or not NGMI is just a fad expression and will eventually go away. But so far it has become an extremely trendy expression.


Eventually, every crypto and NFT investor will be NGMI

The sad truth about this whole debate between NGMI and WAGMI (“we are going to make it”), is that most of the crypto and NFT investors will not make it. In fact, some of them spent their life savings on JPEGS and decentralized tokens that will soon be worthless. 

Debating if someone is actually not going to make it, while not clearly seeing what the future value of their investment will seem to be a ridiculous proposition. Nonetheless, you should be aware of this expression and how it is used.